Honeywell Turbochargers Featured in Prominent Frankfurt Motor Show Launches

Honeywell, the global leader in automotive turbocharger development, unveiled its TwoStage compact turbocharger as well as its second generation of gasoline turbochargers at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  The introductions in Frankfurt reflect Honeywell’s unique abilities to provide technology solutions designed for optimal performance across multiple engine platforms.

The increase in vehicle launches featuring turbochargers is consistent with Honeywell’s expectations for increasing global turbo demand, especially in the area of gasoline turbocharging. In Europe, Honeywell expects the demand for gasoline turbocharging to drive overall turbo penetration to 85 percent of the market in five years and close to 100 percent by the end of the decade.

Honeywell’s new TwoStage compact turbocharger for Audi was on display in combination with its new high-performance 3.0L V6 TDI engine for its A6 and A7 models. This specific application takes advantage of sequentially connecting a small turbo with a large turbo to provide exceptional engine response at all speeds.

One of Honeywell’s second generation gasoline turbochargers developed for the new BMW 3 Series and its 1.6L 4-cylinder engine was also on display in Frankfurt. This turbocharged engine represents the newest industry benchmark for small engine performance and drivability. 

Read more about Honeywell’s Turbo Technologies or take a video tour of Honeywell innovations on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show with Craig Balis, vice president of Engineering for Honeywell Turbo Technologies.