Honeywell Introduces Attune™ Advisory Services to Connect Cloud Computing and Facility Know-How for Improved Energy Efficiency

Honeywell introduced its new Attune Advisory Services, a suite of professional services that combines cloud-based tools and analytics with a global network of operations centers, and energy and facility experts to provide enhancements that can reduce utility bills and operating expenses up to 20 percent.  

Attune Advisory Services will help building managers and owners, wherever they are on the energy- and operational-efficiency spectrum, providing technology and support to gain baseline awareness of building performance, make improvements to reduce energy and operations costs, and define an ongoing strategy to manage and optimize a facility.

“We’ve gone to great lengths to reduce energy costs while keeping occupants safe and comfortable,” said Tom Damsell, technical services supervisor for Brookfield Office Properties, which owns and manages One Liberty Plaza in lower Manhattan. “Working with Honeywell, we’ve already cut annual electricity use at One Liberty Plaza by approximately 7 percent. Now, we’re looking for the support to help uncover the next level of savings — to find the improvements that are less obvious but highly impactful.”

To learn more about Attune, visit the website or watch the overview video.