Honeywell Meets Five-Year Sustainability Goals

Honeywell has successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30% and increased energy efficiency by more than 20% compared to its 2004 benchmark year.  This effort was part of a five-year plan focused on internal operational improvements across the company.  Honeywell has also reduced its hazardous waste generated per dollar of revenue by more than 15% between 2007 and 2012.

Going forward, Honeywell will continue to establish annual goals for further greenhouse gas emissions reductions and energy efficiency enhancements and monitor its progress.  Additionally, Honeywell has developed a global inventory of water usage in its manufacturing operations and is developing conservation targets at sites in areas that are experiencing “water stress” as defined by the World Resources Institute. Implementation of conservation targets will begin in 2013.

Honeywell’s commitment to sustainability extends to its customers through the continued development of products that help customers address key challenges, including energy efficiency and clean energy generation.  Today, nearly 50 percent of Honeywell’s product portfolio is linked to energy efficiency. The United States could reduce its energy consumption 20 to 25 percent by immediately and comprehensively adopting existing Honeywell technologies.

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