Dave Cote Discusses Honeywell’s Strong First Quarter Results and Showcases Company’s Energy Efficient Technologies on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote was interviewed on CNBC’s Mad Money with host Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s strong first quarter 2012 financial results, highlighting a 7% increase in sales and an 18% increase in earnings per share versus the same quarter last year. 

Also, as part of CNBC’s and Mad Money’s Earth Week theme, Cote showcased some of Honeywell’s energy efficient solutions, including: a Honeywell turbocharger that can get 40 miles to a gallon of gas; Honeywell Green Jet Fuel made from inedible feedstocks that is powering military and commercial biofuel flights; Honeywell Total Connect system, which provides simple, integrated access to all of a user’s systems at home, helping to manage and reduce energy use; Honeywell’s Prestige thermostat, which helps homeowners save 33% on their home energy bill; and Honeywell’s 3D Weather Radar technology, which provides pilots improved safety and reduces flight delays to save fuel. 

“It’s got to be a good product, and got to accomplish a good end,” Cote said, referring to Honeywell’s approach to energy efficient technology.  “It’s got to be easy to use, and it has to make sense because if it doesn’t make economic sense, it’s not going to last.”

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