Honeywell Tests GLANSER System To Locate And Track Firefighters


For years it’s been described as one of most critical safety technologies needed in the fire department. Thanks to Honeywell and the Department of Homeland Security, a new firefighter tracking system is on its way to the fire service.

GLANSER – Geo-spatial Location, Accountability and Navigation System for Emergency Responders – is capable of tracking firefighters in a multi-story building within one to three meter’s accuracy, showing an incident commander what floor a firefighter is on, what area of the floor the firefighter is working in, and whether the firefighter needs help. The system will be able to track up to 500 firefighters in a building of at least 50 stories for extended periods of time without a built-in infrastructure.

“Unlike other systems, GLANSER doesn’t have to rely on GPS to re-establish the location of a firefighter,” said Honeywell First Responder Products Vice-president of Marketing Tony Wyman. “In an environment like an open field, GPS connectivity is a viable solution to the problem of finding and tracking a lost firefighter, but in a structure where GPS may be unable to penetrate, it might be worthless. What firefighters and incident commanders need, is a robust, scalable and affordable system that can operate reliably in a GPS-denied environment. That is what GLANSER can do.”

Honeywell plans to test the system with two major fire departments this summer and perform extensive field testing in the second half of 2013.

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