Honeywell Green Diesel to be Produced in New Louisiana Facility

Emerald Biofuels LLC has signed an agreement with Honeywell’s UOP to license technology that will produce 85 million gallons of Honeywell Green Diesel™ per year.  Emerald will use UOP/Eni Ecofining™ process technology to convert inedible natural oils and animal fats to the biofuel, which is a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel, and, unlike biodiesel, can be used in any proportion in existing vehicle fuel tanks, storage and pipelines without any changes.

Honeywell Green Diesel offers high energy density, excellent performance at cold or warm temperatures, and features up to an 80 percent lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with diesel from petroleum.

The Ecofining technology from Honeywell’s UOP will also be used by Valero Energy Corp. and Darling International Inc. in a new unit that will convert animal fats and cooking oil to Green Diesel in Valero’s St. Charles refinery near Norco, Louisiana.  The facility is expected to start up by the end of 2012. 

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