Honeywell Technologist Named “Emerging Leader” in Avionics Magazine’s 2012 Women in Technology Awards

Avionics Magazine Award Winners

The avionics industry honored the career accomplishments of female aerospace professionals at the Avionics Magazine Women in Technology Awards luncheon in Washington, D.C., where Patricia Ververs, technology fellow at Honeywell, was awarded the Emerging Leader honor.

Ververs is the technical lead for the Honeywell Enhanced Vision Systems program, designing and evaluating next-generation avionics displays for Honeywell’s advanced cockpits. She is the U.S.-based staff scientist on the European Union’s SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) program for Head-up and Head-down Synthetic and Combined Vision Solutions and the Human Factors lead on the Boeing team for the FAA SE2020 program.

During the luncheon, Ververs shared her passion for recruiting more women in the field of aerospace and emphasized the importance of mentoring young professionals to encourage engagement from the next generation of aerospace professionals. “We need to help build those bridges and show them the cool things that we all get to do in our jobs – to show them that’s where you go if you do well in science, math and engineering,” said Ververs.

Christine Haissig, technology fellow from Honeywell, was also recognized by Avionics Magazine as a finalist for the Woman of the Year award.