Honeywell Honored With Most Innovative Avionics System Developer Award

CCAF 2012

Honeywell Aerospace was awarded the Most Innovative Avionics System Developer award at the 4th Annual China Commercial Aircraft Forum (CCAF 2012). The award reflects Honeywell’s strong position in the field of avionics technology and application and demonstrates the industry’s appreciation for Honeywell’s continuous support in developing the aviation industry in China.

Honeywell was recognized for its active role in the development of the China aviation industry and its innovative technology that enhances flight safety and efficiency. The company’s leadership in avionics is exemplified in the Smart System, which includes technologies such as Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding products that increase flight safety by improving situational awareness for pilots and crew during approach, landing, taxi and take-off to reduce the risks of runway incursions and excursions.

The Most Innovative Avionics System Developer award is one of six awards presented at CCAF 2012 to honor the outstanding contributions by enterprises to support industry. Nominations are first elected by the manufactures, then reviewed by a judging panel composed of leaders from Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC Group) and China aviation technology international engineering Co., LTD  (CATIC).