Honeywell CEO Dave Cote Outlines His American Competitiveness Agenda At Aspen Ideas Festival

Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote presented a keynote speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival, a unique gathering presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic that brings together an impressive group of thinkers and leaders from around the U.S. and abroad to discuss their work, the issues that inspire them, and their ideas. Cote’s speech provided his perspective on how we can keep America competitive in the global market.

“As a country we need to recognize that we are in a different global economy than we were twenty years ago, that the global economy will move forward with us or without us, that in all our political arguments there is truth on both sides and we need to pull together towards a common objective as a team, and that’s why we need an American Competitiveness Agenda.”

Cote expressed six essential points of focus to increase our competitiveness,  which include debt reduction; an energy policy that includes both energy efficiency and energy generation; free trade and a thoughtful, nuanced relationship with China; a focus on math and science education; infrastructure development; and tort reform.

To read the full speech, please visit the Honeywell CEO Speech library.