Honeywell CEO Dave Cote Appears on Bloomberg Special, “The American Dream”

Honeywell CEO Dave Cote

Honeywell Chairman & CEO Dave Cote appeared on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart" Fourth of July special edition titled “The American Dream,” which was filmed at Liberty State Park with the Statue of Liberty in the distance. In the interview, Cote discussed pressing issues facing our country, including U.S. debt and prospects for the economy.

During the interview with Bloomberg correspondent Trish Regan, Cote emphasized the need to drive productivity and stimulate the economy. He also challenged presidential candidates to help the American public understand the enormous debt challenges our country faces.

“The biggest job-creating thing we can do is address our debt. Right now it’s creating a huge uncertainty, and I’m a big believer that I’d like it to see it be the focus of one of the three presidential debates, where they just talk about the debt and what needs to be done.”

As for the future of our economy, Cote stressed the importance of educating our youth, particularly in science and math. “We need that Sputnik moment that again energizes the American public,” Cote explained, “the moment that gets all the middle school kids to say ‘I want to be an engineer. I can change the world. I can green America.’”

Cote also emphasized that we can grow and strengthen America if Americans participate and work hard for ourselves and for generations to come. “We have to keep encouraging that can-do attitude and that hope and aspiration that I think has driven America for over 200 years.”

Click here to watch the full interview on Bloomberg’s website.