Honeywell CEO Dave Cote Appears on CNBC Closing Bell Calling for More Attention to the U.S. Debt Crisis

Honeywell Chairman & CEO Dave Cote appeared on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo to call for more proactive discussion on the U.S. debt crisis and to show his support for the Campaign to Fix the Debt, a bi-partisan effort to build national support for a comprehensive debt reduction plan.  Cote is asking business leaders and voters to step up and make sure U.S. politicians understand how important this issue is to resolving the uncertainty currently felt by American businesses and citizens.

“Unless this gets discussed in the general election and, for example, we have one of the three presidential debates just focused on this huge issue, there’s a good chance this doesn’t get resolved,” Cote said.  “We need to be talking about it, and we need to make sure it gets focused on in the campaign.”

Cote called for business leaders to reach out to government representatives and educate their employees on the issue, and asked all voters to get engaged to push for a thoughtful resolution. 

Watch the full CNBC interview.