Dave Cote Discusses Honeywell’s Terrific Second Quarter Results on CNBC’s Mad Money with Jim Cramer


Honeywell Chairman and CEO Dave Cote was interviewed on CNBC’s Mad Money with host Jim Cramer where he discussed the company’s strong second quarter 2012 financial results during a difficult economic climate.  The program highlighted Honeywell’s 4% increase in sales and 12% increase in earnings per share over the same period last year along with the raise of its 2012 guidance to $4.40 – $4.55 from the previous guidance of $4.35 – $4.55.  
“There’s a lot of good happening at Honeywell and it goes to the seed planting that we’ve done for a number of years,” Cote said. “You don’t do well during a slightly more difficult time just by focusing on it at that time. It’s the seed planting in products and services, new geographies and the process initiatives.  That’s what positions you to do well in a time like this.”  
Cote cited strong orders and growing flight hours in the Aerospace segment along with investments in refineries and the opportunity for natural gas as key drivers to Honeywell’s current strong results and future growth potential.  Additionally, Cote and Cramer discussed the challenges of the current global economy and Honeywell’s plans to manage these challenges while continuing to do well and grow through new technologies and strong customer relationships.    
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