Honeywell To Provide Safety & Security Solutions For New BASF Chemical Plant In China

Honeywell, BASF Signing

Honeywell will partner with BASF to provide complex, integrated safety and security solutions for its latest methylene diphenyl diiscoynate (MDI) plant being developed in Chongqing, China. Honeywell will provide BASF with a number of subsystems to ensure that the plant is compliant with global environmental health and safety standards including fire alarm systems, fence monitoring, closed circuit TV systems, fiber optic cable systems, and public address and general alarm systems. Honeywell’s integrated security platform provides better communication between all of these systems to increase workplace operational efficiency and security. 

MDI is used in the production of polyurethanes, which are used in the manufacture of hard plastic parts, high performance adhesives, synthetic fibers and also used to improve insulation of buildings, in lightweight vehicle designs and the production of shoes, mattresses and other household goods.  BASF’s facility in Chongqing will produce 400,000 tons per year of polyurethane to support the growing markets for these products in China. 

A signing ceremony for the Chongqing project was held on July 20 for Honeywell and BASF executives at Honeywell’s Shanghai headquarters. This is Honeywell’s third contract with BASF for integrated safety and security solutions to date.