Honeywell’s Latest Spectra Shield® Ballistic Material Toughens, Lightens British Combat Vehicle

Honeywell’s second-generation Spectra Shield® ballistic material is being used to armor Foxhound vehicles, manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems – Force Protection Europe, for the British Armed Forces. The vehicles are currently being shipped for use in Afghanistan.

The Spectra Shield materials are more than 50 percent lighter than traditional vehicle armor materials, making the vehicles easier to transport and maneuver. The improved agility of the vehicles can help them survive even the toughest missions.

The Foxhound with Honeywell’s Spectra Shield materials underwent more than 12 months of rigorous blast and mobility testing before being chosen by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. The protective qualities of Spectra Shield help the Foxhound significantly improve protection of personnel against roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

For more information, read the press release or visit Spectra’s website.