Shane Tedjarati Showcases Honeywell’s High Growth Region Strategy

Shane Tedjarati, Honeywell

Shane Tedjarati, Honeywell President of High Growth Regions, recently participated in the 2012 High Growth Markets Summit organized by The Economist. In a panel session titled “Scaling Up At Speed In High-Growth Markets: The Organizational Challenge,” Tedjarati showcased Honeywell’s high growth regions strategy including the company’s successful application in China and India, and strategy replication in other high growth regions.

“Our strategy is essentially to become the Chinese competitor, to compete against our local competitors in China or any other high growth region and innovate at their speed, with products aimed at the local market,” said Tedjarati. “But of course to do this effectively, we have to scale up our organizations with top-level local talent, and give them the local decision-making capacity. This is the real organizational challenge.”

During the summit, Shane Tedjarati also met with many high growth region leaders including a private meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. They discussed Honeywell's role in helping the Turkish economy's emergence as a regional power, paying special attention to energy efficiency, bio-fuels, safety and security, and the development of key infrastructure.