Nobel Laureate Speaks to Shanghai Students as Part of Honeywell Education Program

Theodor Hänsch, a renowned scientist in the theoretical and applied study of optics and the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2005, spoke to more than 1,500 students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) as part of the Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering (HISE), a global educational program that reaches top universities in India, China, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Through a combination of interactive forums, lectures and seminars, HISE gives students direct access to Nobel laureates in physics and chemistry as well as Honeywell's technology leaders and engineers.
During his visit to SJTU, Professor Hänsch gave several lectures, participated in two panel discussions, and shared his personal path to success with the students. He also attended a town hall meeting on the Honeywell campus in Shanghai for more than 150 engineers.  
“I am grateful to Honeywell for inviting me to speak to the students and media and share my personal story of discovery,” said Hänsch, who was the co-winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique. 
“We are pleased to collaborate with SJTU to give tomorrow's scientists and engineers the opportunity to engage face-to-face with one of the world's master scientists,” said Stephen Shang, president of Honeywell China. “HISE not only bridges the gap between formal academic study and practical business applications, but also supports Honeywell’s drive to bring in the best talent in fast-growing regions.  This activity helps ensure our continuing success as one of the world's leading technology companies.”