State of the Art Onondaga Lake Visitors Center Now Open

Onondaga Lake Visitors Center

The Onondaga Lake Visitors Center – designed and built by Honeywell – is now open, giving the Central New York community a chance to experience and learn about the lake cleanup firsthand. The center provides public access to the significant work taking place by hundreds of scientists, engineers, and skilled craft laborers from the region.

"The progress that has been made is due in large measure to the talent, creativity, and dedication of so many that reside and work in this community – from the regulators and elected officials to the academic, environmental, nonprofit and business communities to our partners and workers," said Honeywell Syracuse Program Director John McAuliffe. "We will continue working together to fulfill the public's vision for Onondaga Lake and return it to the community as a healthy, sustainable asset for future generations."

The new center highlights the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's (DEC) cleanup plan, progress to date, the re-establishment of wetlands, and extensive habitat enhancements. The Visitor Center's deck and floor are made out of reclaimed lumber from the Syracuse Chilled Plow Company and the West Bingham School, both buildings that were more than a century old. The center is located along the southwest shoreline of Onondaga Lake.

To learn more about the Visitors Center, check out the latest Onondaga Lake Cleanup e-newsletter.