Honeywell Chosen by Walmart To Retrofit Additional Stores in China With LED Lighting

Walmart in China

Honeywell’s Ex-Or LED lighting technology has been chosen by retail giant Walmart to retrofit an additional 40 stores across China, an upgrade that is worth approximately $12 million. At the completion of this project approximately half of all Wal-Mart stores in China will be outfitted with the energy saving lighting systems.

Honeywell began to participate in the modernization and implementation of an energy-saving lighting program across China’s Walmart stores in 2008, providing comprehensive LED lighting products including main floor, freezer, fresh produce, and outdoor billboard lighting. By installing Honeywell’s LED lighting products, each Walmart store can cut its annual electricity consumption by around one million kilowatt-hours, equivalent to about 1,200 tanks of fuel. This represents a saving of approximately 50 percent of electricity expenses on lighting and 15 percent of Walmart’s total electricity expenses.

As a country, China is rapidly phasing out the import and sale of general fluorescent lighting. Energy-saving alternatives such as LED lighting are increasingly preferred by heavy energy users like retailers, call centers, and large manufacturing facilities where the need for high quality lighting can enable higher productivity for workers and a more pleasant environment for customers. “We are very honored to be able to cooperate with Walmart again to facilitate the growth of green retailing in China,” said Stephen Shang, president and CEO of Honeywell China.