Honeywell Wins Prestigious Award From China’s Intelligent Building Industry

HON Wins China Intelligent Buildings Award

Honeywell has won the China Intelligent Building Brand Award and was ranked as the No. 1 building automation controls brand in China by, a well-respected intelligent and green building information website in China. This year marks the eighth consecutive year that Honeywell’s building automation control products received this honor.

“Quinjia Brand Labs feels that Honeywell is most deserving of this award because of the excellent performance of their control products, which outperform the other players in this space,” said Mr. Xiang Zhonghong, CEO of “Honeywell is the well-deserved leader in the field of building automation control based on all aspects of technological innovation, customer satisfaction, market share and growth potential.”

China's Intelligent Building Brand Award is one of the industry’s highest accolades and respected for its objectivity and fairness. The award criteria included brand value, market research, user feedback, and expert appraisal. The ceremony of the China Intelligent Building Brand Award 2012 was held at the Dong Fang Hotel in Guangzhou in December 2012.