Honeywell Scientist Receives Edison Patent Award

Thomas Edison Award

Scott Hacker, technical manager for Specialty Products, has received the 2012 Edison Patent Award from the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, which recognizes the world-changing contributions of researchers and inventors from academia, industry, and government laboratories in New Jersey.

Hacker was cited for his innovative work in materials technology, specifically his patent “Maleated Polypropylenes and Processed for the Preparation Thereof” (U.S. Patent 7,256,236). His invention pertains to manufacturing maleated polypropylenes (MAPPs) with enhanced properties. MAPPs are used in a number of different applications, including floor polish, adhesives, inks, composites, glass, mineral fillers and natural fibers, tie layers, and alloys.

“I am delighted for Scott to be recognized by the New Jersey Research and Development Council, said Ian Shankland, vice president and chief technology officer of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies and Chairman of the Research & Development Council of New Jersey. “Scott is part of a special fraternity of New Jersey technologists that make this region very attractive when it comes to technology development and innovation.”