Honeywell Survey Indicates Major Shift In The Definition Of Passenger Comfort When Flying

Honeywell Infographic

Honeywell Aerospace released a survey that signals a shift among consumers in the definition of airplane passenger comfort and confirms an increasing demand for global, transoceanic, fast and consistent in-flight wireless connectivity. The research was conducted among more than 3,000 adults in the United Kingdom,  United States and Singapore who have used Wi-Fi within the past 12 months.

For most travelers, the current commercial flight experience can be summarized in one word: crowded. Crowded flights and cramped seats have become the norm. According to the Honeywell survey, however, almost 90 percent of fliers would give up an amenity on their flight — preferred seats, extra legroom and more — to be guaranteed a faster and more consistent wireless connection.

“We’ve all experienced the entertainment and productivity gains a connected home and office provide us,” said Bill Kircos, vice president of communications, Honeywell Aerospace. “It’s clear there is now strong demand for the connected aircraft — so much so that passengers are willing to give up a preferred seat to have access to a high-speed, highly reliable broadband connection that is available across oceans and continents.”

To learn more about its findings, read the press release.