Shanghai Government Honors Honeywell’s Yap Neng Pin with City’s Top Award

Silver Magnolia

On September 17, Yap Neng Pin, vice president of Human Resources in Asia Pacific, was presented with the 2013 Silver Magnolia Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government for his extraordinary contributions in the area of HR development for the city over the last decade.

Since 1989 the Magnolia Award (Silver or Gold) has been one of the top honors that the Shanghai government bestows on expatriates for significant contributions to the city's social, cultural and economic development.  The magnolia, “whose petals always look skyward,” is the city’s official flower, “symbolizing a pioneering and enterprising spirit.”

The Magnolia Award is normally given to heads of multi-national corporations, leading academicians, scientists, doctors or artists.  This is a remarkable instance where the award was presented to someone in the field of human resources. In doing so the Shanghai government recognized Yap's outstanding contributions; but it is also a testament to Honeywell’s HR practices in China.

“Although my first visit to Shanghai was in the late eighties but it was not until January 1999 that I was relocated here," Mr. Yap said, "I've seen tremendous changes. I proudly tell my friends and colleagues that it's a true pleasure and privilege to live in Shanghai and be a part of the city’s development.”