Honeywell’s Green Boot Camp Program Wins IPRA Award

Group Shot 2013

Honeywell has received the 2013 International Public Relations Association Golden World Award for its Green Boot Camp, a global, five-day interactive workshop and scholarship program that equips middle school teachers with skills and knowledge to teach students hands-on ways to protect the environment.

“IPRA jury members not only recognized the Green Boot Camp’s creativity but also the quality of its planning process and rigor of its measurement phase,” said Christophe Ginisty, 2013 IPRA President. “Honeywell’s professional approach and the consistency of its work convinced us to select the Green Boot Camp campaign.”

Green Boot Camp provides an all-expenses-paid hands-on learning experience in renewable energy, habitat conservation, behavioral awareness and communication.  At the end of the workshop, teachers leave with renewed vigor, lasting connections to a global peer group, and a broader understanding of sustainability opportunities that are easily applicable in the classroom.

For more information, read the press release.