Nobel Laureate Discusses Science And Engineering at Beihang University

Sheldon Glashow

Nobel Laureate Professor Sheldon Glashow visited Beihang University for a two-day program of inspirational exchanges with students and faculty as a part of the Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering.

Glashow, the 1979 Nobel laureate in physics, presented a lecture to students titled, “Does Science Evolve through Blind Chance or Intelligent Design?” He argued that scientific discoveries that happen by chance are of equal importance to those that come about through targeted research and intelligent design, and advised students to focus on both as they explore new ideas and concepts.

“Honeywell profoundly hopes that the students will be inspired to pursue scientific advances in the future as a result of this opportunity to meet a Nobel laureate. Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and I believe it holds the key to achieving future growth in China,” Stephen Shang, president of Honeywell China explained.

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