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Survey Reveals Room for Improvement on Fire Safety Awareness in Romania

Twenty-seven percent of urban residents in Romania have ignored a fire alarm in a public place, assuming it was a false alarm or a test. A recent Honeywell survey highlighted important gaps in public safety awareness and behavior in Bucharest and other urban areas. Nearly 90 percent of survey respondents indicated a voice alarm message [...]

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Honeywell Spectra® Fiber Strengthens 745-Foot Sculpture By World-Renowned Artist

Honeywell Spectra® fiber is strengthening the ropes used in a new sculpture making its world premiere this month in Vancouver, British Columbia, by world-renowned artist Janet Echelman. The fiber, which is pound-for-pound 15 times stronger than steel but light enough to float, gives Echelman’s sculpture the strength it needs to sustain winds of up to [...]

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Honeywell’s Don Bateman Named 2013 Recipient Of Elmer A. Sperry Award For Advancing Flight Safety

Don Bateman (center), corporate fellow and chief engineer technologist for Flight Safety Systems and Technology at Honeywell Aerospace, has been recognized with the 2013 Elmer A. Sperry Award for Enhancing the Art of Transportation by developing life-saving technology that has eliminated accidents and saved thousands of lives. The Elmer A. Sperry board recognized Bateman for [...]

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First Police Officer Saved by Next-Generation Spectra Shield® Material

The Philadelphia Police Department recorded the first officer whose life has been saved by Honeywell’s next-generation Spectra Shield® material, which incorporates stronger, lighter Spectra® fiber. The officer was wearing Safariland’s FX Level II vest, which contains more than 80 percent Spectra Shield® as its ballistic material, when he was shot in his chest while in [...]

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Honeywell Ranks #4 in Security Magazine’s Security 500

Honeywell ranked #4 in the industrial/manufacturing sector of Security Magazine’s Security 500. The benchmarking survey measures the frontrunners and thought-leaders in a given industry, based on data related key metrics. This year, the metrics included emerging/frontier market risk, workplace violence, cyber security, fraud/IP theft, and budget. "This honor reflects the strength of Honeywell's talented people, [...]

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Honeywell Delivers Critical Information During Deep Freeze

Within the last week, snow storms and a massive deep freeze covering most of the country has caused schools, businesses and government agencies to delay openings or close completely. Honeywell Instant Alert® delivered more than 4.2 million alerts, warning individuals of inclement conditions and notifying them of schedule changes during the course of the record-setting weather. [...]

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